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The Special Victims, established in 2014, also trained troopers to recognize signs of human trafficking.Awareness of the issue is key, Gremillion said, and law enforcement agencies have seen more arrests in the arena of human trafficking because of it.

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Chatting with an underage person is as bad as being underage.Twenty-five years ago, the police would most likely have treated the woman as a criminal and arrested her as they with any other crime, said former New Orleans Chief of Police Ronal Serpas."In the 1980s, we responded to prostitution as we would any other crime.There was a crime that occurred in and around the prostitution market, and we just reacted to that," Serpas said. The female former employee in this case provided evidence that her supervisor made gender-biased statements that a woman can work outside the home but should return home if her work ...

Through interactive exercises, case studies and straight forward talk your employees learn how discrimination can happen and what they can do to prevent it. Free Live Chat rooms of the hottest Louisiana adults where you can easily share videos and webcam feeds of each other on the largest community on the web.

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