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This feeling is created when twelve areas of your brain work together to release euphoria inducing chemicals (such as dopamine, oxytocin, adrenaline) and subsequently produce the feeling of love at first sight. Those who have experienced love know that it is like nothing else; an enamoring emotion that preoccupies your brain utterly and completely.

Love at first sight then, is when this overwhelming force hits you in the split second of establishing eye contact with someone for the first time.

From drunk bawling Face Times to hastily doctored photo cards there’s not much love that can’t be conveyed with a good Wi Fi connection. I don’t think that’s necessarily anything to shy away from.

From personal experience, moving to London in my early twenties, meeting date-worthy characters can be tough - and time consuming.

When it comes to love, marriage and sex, Boomers and Millennials are truly generational case studies.

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Visiting a friend of a friend, I was told that she was essentially the American version of me and I was typically cynical about our apparent compatibility. We have been (digitally) inseparable ever since, and I honestly forget that that’s the only time we’ve met in person. In 2015, it’s estimated that one third of marriages start with an online connection and it looks like in the next couple of decades more than half of ALL romantic relationships will begin on the internet.

According to a recent Elite Singles survey of 2700 Americans, 66% believe in love at first sight.

Surprisingly, the poll found 72% of men believe in it! Stephanie Ortigue did some research on this topic, discovering that the intense power of love can be felt after just 0.2 seconds following visual contact with someone.

Is it natural to be skeptical of the concept until one has a personal experience of it?

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Many claim to have experienced it themselves so it begs the question; does love at first sight really exist?

Weopia allows singles to meet each other in an experiential virtual environment that allows a more meaningful experience than email or text chat, whilst also experiencing less cost, time, stress and risk.