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With Automatic Downloads for updates enabled, all new versions of apps that you currently have on your device will automatically download as they become available.

This eliminates the need for manually updating the app in the future.

Unfortunately, information contained in the label often lags far behind the evolution of a drug’s use.

This will improve the user experience, since users will be able to manage all installed plugins inside a tab in the app’s Preferences panel.

On launch, we check for updates for all installed plugins, and if there’s any, we show a badge on Sketch’s window.

In computer programming, suppose we have a data item A whose value depends on data item B, i.e., the value of A must be changed after the value of B changes and before the value of A becomes necessary.

Active updating is updating A immediately after B changes, while passive updating or lazy updating (lazy evaluation) is updating A immediately before its value is fetched.o you ever look at the labels of the prescription medications you take?