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24-Jan-2018 13:02

“I fell in love with a civilian.” And considering today is their 11th anniversary, we’re inclined to agree.

Because sure, it’s sweet to think that opposites attract, or whatever, but the likelihood of a Hollywood star and an average Joe (or Jane!

The series is based on the novel of the same name, written by Rebecca Serle. Marlene King to develop the novel into a television series.

We “celebrated” Valentine’s day by looking up famous people who date, or have dated, Argentines.

Libras are known as the peace keepers of the zodiac and have no problem getting along with all kinds of people, but if you are a Libra, which celebrities would you get along with the most and would be super compatible with?

Any celebrity that is an Aquarius, Aries or a Gemini will be right up your alley, either for a BFF, GF or BF. Click through the gallery to see which celebrities would be compatible with Libras!

) Barroso was born in Salta in 1976, but there isn’t much more you can find out about her.

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Though the Dutch parliament went so far as to debate the appropriateness of their relationship (Máxima’s dad was Agricultural Minister during the bloody argentine military dictatorship of the 1970s), the girl from Recoleta managed to get the seal of approval from her mother in law, aka the Queen, who described her as an “intelligent, modern woman,” and the pair have been happily, royally married since 2002. Wearing strange hats and posing with dogs and children for Hello! People describe their relationship as “inspiring”, basically because it’s endured (11 years and counting).

Something expensive, though they’ll tell the press they ‘stayed-in and ate pizza because we’re such homebodies’ Dated: Dolores Fonzi The man that became famous for playing Che Guevara in Motorcycle Diaries spent many years in the loving embrace of Argentine actress Dolores Fonzi, before things went south and the couple separated in 2014.

Love is officially all around us: Nina Dobrev and Glen Powell are officially an item!

Get inspired by their tales of cross-cultural love to spark your own romance with a local – a world of heated political discussions, pet names and midnight dinners awaits you.

King Willem-Alexander is married to Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, born Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti in Buenos Aires in 1971.

They are regularly spotted together at social events and have also written and directed three short films together.