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08-Feb-2018 22:38

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The first man I ever consciously wanted purely for sex.

He had the most beautiful body I'd even seen, and a face — though weathered, in the way that those who have lived hard or fiercely often wear their years — to match. CC was a former surfer who had once resided along California's Venice Beach, and in Hawaii.

Originally the only two materials used for dyes were black walnut and blood root.We spent the rest of the night moving from honky tonk to honky tonk, songs of busted love or rowdy love or love slow and steady trailing behind us, like smoke, as we sauntered down the neon-lit street, laughing and clutching hands. Running my hands over CC's strong chest, pinning my mouth, tender from his kisses, to his hard abdomen, I felt something unmooring inside me.When the bars closed, as even on Nashville's Lower Broadway they must, I brought CC back to my hotel room. We used our fingers and mouths to pleasure each other. When we'd finished, CC curled himself to me like we were two cats in a patch of sunlight. I'd been celibate for six months before CC and I came together. I'm 50 years old, and I've spent nearly my entire adulthood in relationships, a series of them, mostly one right after another.Other traditional Cherokee crafts include the carving of soapstone, primarily for pipes, weaving, creation of elaborate dance masks, pottery, beadwork, and various kinds of metalsmiths. Cherokee traditionally buried their dead in the earth as they believed that the plants fed the animals, the animals and plants fed the people, and the people, at their death, should return to the earth and feed the plants.

Burial usually took place the day after the person died.There was a recognition that passed between us in that first moment, quicksilver fast and white hot, like a lightning strike on a deserted beach.

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