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01-Nov-2017 15:02

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In the beginning I was actually just keeping the blog as a personal archive of this stuff, but eventually opened it to the public as sort of a museum of human gullibility.

At the very least, it’s the most embarrassing example of a politician reading the Onion sincerely, though their faith in the supposedly straight news organizations that read like satire is impressive in its own right.

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20 Jan - v2.2 * All versions are now just called "The Onion" in your app list. * better pan/zoom of images in news article page (still beta) * ability to configure background image (more images coming - send us your suggestions) * various feeds now working again, including in-app video!With this experiment he weaves well-known songs like “Living On A Prayer,” “The River,” and “Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard” throughout improvised scenes, asking a stacked lineup of improvisers (Horatio Sanz, Colton Dunn, Eugene Cordero, and Danielle Schneider) to sing along and use the classic lyrics as inspiration.