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The following abbreviations are used in this chart of “Significant Structures Fifty Years Old or More, Guilford Connecticut.” The list is compiled from the addresses surveyed in 19, as well as some properties newer than 1911, and the entire inventory of pre-1911 buildings researched and published in Joel E. Helander’s “building survey” in chapter 20 has been incorporated in its entirety into this list, with permission. Note: family name changed from Eliot to Elliott around this time. The high hedge lining the road dates to this family and the 1930s. 1930, Minimal Traditional Modern 68 White Birch Drive, c.

Newer information from Helander’s revisions done in 20 is also included as indicated below. Later owners: James Rogers (1876); Stanley Lewandowski (1910); Sophia Majeska. Later owners of #23 Boston: Samuel Eliot, a brother (1836 ); Widow Mary Eliot (Mrs. The homesite is an eminent knoll, which anciently was the northeast portion of Ebenezer Bartlett’s ‘Bloody Cove Lot.’” Razed ca.

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Significant Structures Fifty Years Old or More, Guilford, Connecticut In 1981, the Guilford Preservation Alliance (GPA) completed a survey of 450 buildings then more than fifty years old and considered to be of architectural significance (Survey of the Historic Architecture of Guilford, Conn.).

A copy of this loose-leaf survey, in five volumes, is housed in the Historical Room of the Guilford Library.

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